All the Advantages of an Office, without the Cost

For many firms, their location is a key part of how they present themselves. A well known address will go farther on a business card than anything else. But costs for an address in a large city can often be prohibitive for small businesses or fledgling start-ups.

The Rostie Group can offer you a premier Bay Street Address at a low cost for your business.

You can run your business from anywhere in the World, and know that when your clients search for you, they’ll find you in Toronto’s Downtown Core.

COVID-19 Relief – Free Virtual Services

Letting You Working From Home Stress-Free

Here at The Rostie Group, we have decided to offer new clients a free month with a 3 month commitment on one of Virtual Packages. To take advantage of this promo, please fill out this contact form and mention it in your message. Just another way we work hard to help businesses grow.

Virtual Office in Toronto

If you are a small business, searching for an office or a multi-national corporation looking for a location to expand your services, you will find that virtual office services translate to the perks and privileges of a traditional office without the associated costs.

Premier Bay Street Address

Bay Street is known Internationally as one of the financial centers of the World, and known in Canada as the place where the largest companies are located.

Companies like Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Onica, Salesforce, VMware and many more have made their home here. And those are just in the Tech industry. Scotiabank Arena, TD Tower, CIBC Square and more large banks are also all located on Bay Street, or on the Toronto Waterfront Area.

It is THE destination for business now, and in the future. And you have a chance to be located on the same street, and have the same address for your business, and on your business card as some of the largest firms in the world.

Mail and Deliveries

Not only do you get the benefit of a Bay Street Address, but we will also handle all of your mail and deliveries.

Need something received? Just send it to your new address, we will receive your packages, and forward them to you, anywhere in the World. Check on your mail at any time to make sure that important correspondence and cheques have arrived.

We’ll sort out the junk from the real mail, and make sure you only get what you absolutely need to take your business to the next level.

Office and Meeting Facilities

Not only does the Rostie Group have an excellent address, but we are also a full Business Center with Offices and Meetings.

A great address is nothing if you are not able to physically meet clients there. As one of our Virtual Clients, you get free Meeting Room hours. So you can meet your clients in one of our luxurious meeting rooms in the heart of Toronto’s South Core.

We are located steps from Union Station, and are connected to the PATH. So not only is it a great Address, but it is also easy to get to, and accessible to everyone.

If you need temporary Office Space, we can arrange for that as well. Part of working a remote business is to occasionally have to stop and need space in a particular city. We can arrange for space for you on our floor, with preferable rates for already being a client.

If you just need a desk, we also offer Coworking desks to rent for a few hours or a day. However long you need, we’ll be available for you. We don’t succeed unless you do, so our interest is in making sure that your business prospers and grows.

No leases, Mortgages or Rental Contracts

A Virtual Office brings with it a certain amount of freedom. Typical office spaces require a minimum of a year long commitment, but with The Rostie Group, you pay only for the months you need. A monthly payment covers all of your needs and if you decide to terminate your services, you can do so anytime.

No one can predict the future, and you shouldn’t have to be locked in to a mortgage or lease for years just for attempting to start a new business.

We make it easier and risk free to spread your entrepreneurial wings and still have a fixed address necessary to sign up for business services and funding grants.

Instantly Operational

One of the most important parts of any business is when can you actually start operating. When you have to go through the process of setting up a location, making sure everyone has a phone and Internet, painting, arranging furniture, and all the other details that go with starting your own office, you’ll see how long it takes to actually start operating.

You can skip all of that with a virtual office from The Rostie Group.

After you sign up, it will take less than an hour to have your number up and ready to go for you to distribute on your website and business cards. Within a day, you can start receiving mail and we’ll be ready to forward your most important documents and your packages.

That is just one more advantage that The Rostie Group can offer you with our virtual office packages.

Cut Overheads

Internet, telephones, desks, chairs, paint, and myriad other tools and tasks have to be in place for your business to start operating. The other thing these items all have in common, is the cost. There is always a cost to doing business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize, or outright eliminate those costs.

With a virtual office from The Rostie Group, you’ll be well ahead of your competition by getting a phone number and an address, as well as live reception services and mail handling. That’s most of your overhead costs taken care of with a single monthly payment.

You can feel great about travelling and going to meet your clients anywhere in the World, knowing that your clients will be taken care of, and your mail is safe without the large price tag.

A virtual office is the best choice for starting a new business, or just expanding into a new market, while you test the waters and make sure it is viable.

Handle All Your Sales Remotely

It’s a fact of life that impressions matter. It may not be fair, or nice, but the impression you get from someone, from the way they dress, to their grammar, to even their business card can influence your decisions.

It will shape the relationship going forward, and in Sales that’s the most important thing you can do; build relationships.

And no Salesperson, no matter how skilled or knowledgeable they are, can make that first great impression from their basement.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, or you are doing sales for a Startup or smaller company, you might not have the luxury of a big brand name, or a great location to make sales out of. Do you really want to hand out a business card with a residential address on it?

Both consumers and businesses want to be confident in your product. They want to know that you’ll be able to stand behind it. And it all starts from where it comes from.

Previously, it was unlikely that anyone would do much more research other than looking up the name and number, and general location. That evolved into having a company website, and maybe doing LinkedIn searches on the names involved, and that’s about it.

But now it’s just SO easy to do a quick google maps search. How will it look when your business comes up as a nice suburban home? A little “fly-by-night”.

Don’t run the risk of your business being looked over by potential clients just for the address written on it. A virtual office package with The Rostie Group can give you that immediate credibility you need from day one.

Professional Live Receptionists

It’s not just the address and the phone number that’s important. The people behind the phone are just as important as any other part of your business.

A good receptionist is worth their weight in gold. They are the first point of contact that any client has with your business. They have to be warm, friendly, but also be able to direct and give information when needed. They are the barometer by which your business will be judged, and as such a receptionist is one of the key figures in your business.

That is why we train our receptionists to be all of the above and more. They will handle any incoming calls with the utmost grace and treat your clients with the respect they deserve.

More importantly, they’ll handle all the spam calls that can cause distractions. Nothing is worse than setting up a new business number, and having the phone ring all the time with scams and other potential sales persons trying to ring up their own business.

Our professional live receptionists will filter your calls to make sure you’re not disturbed, and only your clients and real business opportunities will reach you, enabling you to focus on your business and make it a success.

Be Eco Friendly by Commuting Less

One of the world’s biggest concerns is what kind of world will we have tomorrow? More importantly, what kind of world will be around for when your business finally takes off?

More and more people are becoming concerned with their carbon footprint, and for good reason. So why then, would you add to that footprint if you don’t have to?

With a virtual office, not only will you be able to work from anywhere, but so will your employees, reducing the time they have to spend commuting, and of course, the amount of pollution that causes.

Getting a virtual office is just a simple step forward to having a successful business, but also making sure to not harm the fragile ecosystem that we are all a part of.

Test Your Market Without Investing in a Brick and Mortar office

Maybe you already have a business, or just want to test the waters of a new idea. Going through the effort of finding a location, setting up an office, hiring all the support staff needed, and locking yourself into a year long lease all to find out if the market is a right fit for your product is a little excessive.

With a virtual office, you can have a local address and phone number, with which you can apply for all the licenses and requirements needed to set up your business, without the large price tag associated with it.

And if you decide to go ahead and get office space, then The Rostie Group will be right there to help you, with our Coworking desks and with our Serviced Offices we’ll be with your every step of the way to building, and growing, your business with us.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Acquiring talent can be costly both in terms of money, and time. Not only is acquiring talent a costly endeavor, but then retaining that talent in your firm can be another challenge.

In an ideal world, you could just offer more money, but the reality is sometimes you may be unable to afford that. Instead, you have to do your best to offer perks to attract and retain top talent.

With a virtual office, the first major perk you can offer your employees is obvious: Allow them to work remotely.

Working remotely is said to give greater job satisfaction, as well as higher output of work. And today’s technical workers will have capable equipment and be able to work from anywhere. It’s just one more advantage that having a virtual office can give you.

Avoid Weather “White-Outs”

The weather can be more unpredictable than the stock market. And even if you could 100% predict what the weather will be, that doesn’t mean that you can stop it.

In a traditional office, this may mean that you’ll be stuck in a “white-out”. Weather so bad that people are simply unable to come into work without risking themselves. However, your business may not be able to survive a day without income or growth, especially in its starting phase.

A virtual office will allow you and your team to work remotely from home, and avoid situations where your business can’t function because of the weather.

Distraction Free Environment

Nothing is worse than trying to get any work done while having coworkers chatting in the background and phones ringing with unrelated matters. A virtual office gives you the freedom to choose a nice quiet spot to work, and still run your business.

Whether that be at home, in a comfortable outfit on days where you have to keep your team on task to accomplish their goals. A nice day out at the local coffee shop where you can relax while sipping your favourite beverage, and keeping an eye on sales. Or even on vacation, when you decide to leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a few weeks of relaxation in a ski lounge or a remote beach.

All you’ll need is wifi, and a virtual office with The Rostie Group, and you can continue running your business from wherever you may prefer.

Lower Cost of Living

Because of all the advantages that a premier address in a world class city like Toronto bring you, cost of living can be extremely high.

For someone just starting out, the location of their business is key to their success. However, their home address is not as relevant, assuming they can travel into work every day.

If you’ve grown up in a home town, have your family and home there, you may not want to pick up everything and come to a large city into a smaller cramped and overpriced apartment to start a business.

A virtual office allows you to skip the commute, and save yourself, and your team, thousands of dollars a year in cost of living. This will in turn allow you invest your savings back into your business, and help it grow.

The Rostie Group’s Virtual Office Services Include:

  • Professional Telephone Answering and Live Receptionist

  • Professional Mail Handling at an Amazing Bay Street Address

  • A La Carte Office and Meeting Room Hours

Choose from five virtual office plans or have a virtual office package tailor-made to your specific needs!

Virtual tenants can have all their phone calls answered by on-site receptionists, and mail forwarded to anywhere in the world, from our high profile downtown location. Whether your company is located locally, nationally, or abroad, The Rostie Group’s Virtual Office solution can help you build a truly “borderless” business.

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Be in the Heart of Toronto’s New Tech Hub

Toronto’s Waterfront has been renamed the “South Core” due to the massive expansion in construction projects both for residential and commercial buildings.

This expansion has led companies to recognize the opportunity and abundance of skilled workers in Toronto and have started making their way towards downtown and the Toronto waterfront area, all located along Bay Street.

Companies like Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Onica, Salesforce, VMware, and others have all made their home on Bay Street, all minutes from our location. A casual stroll across the street for lunch can result in meetings with executives from the largest and most powerful tech companies in the World.

And it’s not only tech companies; major banks and multinationals all call Bay Street home. Known internationally as THE destination for business in Toronto, there is no better address to have on your business card and on your email signature.

Grow your business with The Rostie Group

Since 1994, The Rostie Group has been providing Offices, Coworking Desks, and Virtual Offices in the Toronto area. With over 25 years of experience, we know what it takes to help your business grow and develop, and we are prepared to be with your every step of the way.

If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That is the rule we live by, and your success is our number one priority.

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