On Wednesday, July 8th, The Rostie Group had the pleasure of hosting another very successful webinar with guest speaker Daryl Ching, Managing Partner of Vistance Capital Advisory.

This 45 minute session, titled What Is My Small Business Worth? which included a 30 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q&A session, provided perfect insight into preparing your business for capital raise of sale, and the steps you can take to maximize your valuation.

Daryl was able to provide insight on the criteria established by investors in Canada and how they evaluate investment opportunities looking at key factors like the management team, proof of concept, go to market strategy, competition analysis and financial projections.

Vistance Capital is a Toronto-based full service advisory firm that has taken on executive financial roles in various industries including auto finance, technology, cosmetics, hedge funds and medical clinics to help businesses reach their next level of success through capital raising and CFO services.

For a look at the presentation Daryl navigated through, please see the below attachment.

Vistance Capital “What Is My Small Business Worth?” Webinar Presentation

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