After being located for 25 plus years on the Toronto waterfront, it would be safe to bet that we like it here. And we do…in fact, we love our home at Bay and Queens Quay!

Beyond the shimmering lake, the quacking ducks, the ferries, the sand, and the sun – the Toronto Waterfront has a myriad of offerings. 

There is a bustling network of restaurants and cafes that service the inhabitants and visitors to the Waterfront area. Most recently Impact Kitchen opened their doors at 88 Queens Quay, serving delicious organic food and pressed juices, and we’re so excited to have them as our new neighbours!

Some of our other favourite grub places are Mos Mos for a great cup of coffee, Alexandros for the best gyro, and The Firkin for a cold one after a long day’s work. Additionally, The Dirty Bird, Pie Bar, and The Goodman are some others we love, and bet you’d love too! 

Here at The Rostie Group, we don’t even have to venture outside to find all we need – one of the great things about working here in the unforgiving Canadian winter. The Path is available and can be taken to Union Station, Scotiabank Arena, The Eaton Centre, The CN Tower, and more. That means you clothes shop, see a Raptors game, and do your tourist activities – all without taking a single step outside. Sound too good to be true? Why not come check it out, we’d love to show you around!

We are also blessed with the Waterpark Athletics gym down below us, multiple supermarkets, and services from dry cleaning to nail salons. After work you can hop on the ferry and enjoy an evening on the island, go for a stroll on the boardwalk, or jump on the bike path from right outside our front door. We have it all, and so can you!

If you also want a slice of the good life – book your tour of our office spaces today!