Working to Get Back to Work: The Rostie Group’s Return to Work Plan

Working to Get Back to Work: The Rostie Group’s Return to Work Plan

Phase 3 of the COVID-19 reopening plan has rolled out across the majority of the province (with the GTA set to follow close behind) and that means it’s time for business operators to begin the next phase of their own Return to Work plans and protocols.

We’re approaching a new way of life both personally and professionally, where every person on the planet is being trained to operate in ways which we never could have imagined.

Surely this change won’t happen overnight. But, it is expected to happen at a much quicker pace than ever before and proper plans will help make that process run a lot smoother.

Although it may seem easy to re-enter the workplace with the “business as usual” mentality, in reality, it will be far from that.

These thorough plans must be put in place to ensure the health and safety of employees and clients who are entering these places of business, are kept at the highest standard.

It will be especially imperative that office spaces, where employees often spend more time than their houses, are prepared for a safe return.

As an executive office provider, The Rostie Group understands the severity of these protocols and have put an extensive Return to Work Plan in place.

With key points focusing on social distancing, mandatory masks, increased disinfecting, maximum capacities, and revised hospitality services, our extensive plan will help reinforce our dedication to creating a safe space for people to work.

Our executive offices and team rooms, meeting spaces, coworking desks, and catering services have all been reevaluated throughout this process and we’re confident that we’ve been able to put the best practices in place, ensuring a safer and healthier workspace than ever.

For a more thorough guide to our COVID-19 Return to Work Plan, please click the attached Rostie Group COVID-19 Return to Work Plan PDF.

If you have any further questions, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page or contact our team by emailing or by calling 416 214 1840.

We look forward to your safe return to the workplace.