Your Business Is Changing and That’s Okay

Your business is changing and that’s okay.

Companies around the world have had to change their approach to doing business as a result of the hard-hitting COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of these changes were quick and sudden, leaving little time for proper planning.

Companies used to operate on full hours with offices and stores full of employees. But, almost overnight we found ourselves being thrust into the work-from-home model or shut down entirely, something that was otherwise foreign in most industries.

For what seemed like an eternity, businesses hung on to every update provided by their local and provincial governments, waiting for some glimmer of hope that their operations may once again commence.

Now, six months later we’re beginning to see businesses resurface. However, things look much different. These companies and industries have totally reinvented themselves.

Adaptation has been the key to navigating through these uncertain times. However, like many businesses in the past who have had to change their operational approach, we’re starting to see this on a larger scale.

As this Hiscox article points out, famous brands like Kodak, Netflix, and Yellow Pages, were all forced to adapt or risk going out of business.

Although, these brands were not forced into change as a result of a global pandemic, the severity of their financial outlooks depended drastically on adaptation just as businesses are experiencing now.

These changes may seem drastic at the time, but they can often be exactly what a company needs in order to successfully navigate into the future.

Fast forward to 2020 and we’re beginning to see the same trend.

Bauer Hockey quickly found themselves with no customers who were out seeking hockey equipment. So, what to do?  Make COVID-19 masks for industrial use.

Distilleries across Canada recognized a world shortage of supply of hand sanitizer. So, what to do?  They begin to produce it themselves.

These are just a couple of examples of businesses who have successfully changed their operational approach as a result of the circumstances they faced.

At The Rostie Group, we understand these changes are necessary.

Did you close your office? We can help with that. Forced to lay off your client services team? We can help with that too.

Our business solutions, which include customizable virtual packages, flexible co working, long- and short-term private office and team space leases, and meeting and training room rentals of all sizes, are all in place to assist businesses who are going through these operational transitions.

With COVID-19 protocols such as daily disinfecting, 2-meter distance between attendees, reduced room capacities, optimized HVAC, and readily available disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers, we’ve put ourselves at the forefront for the safe practice of off-site meetings.

For more information about our business solutions, feel free to call 416-214-1840 or email

Your business is changing and that’s okay, The Rostie Group will be there every step of the way.